People's Republic Of China

Everyone can feel that a profound change is underway! (China)

The Chinese entertainment industry has always been lacking in stinking fierce materials. Not long ago, Wu Yifan and Huo Zun’s chaos and Zhang Zhehan’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine to worship ghosts have been reported. […]

People's Republic Of China

Saifuddin Azizi 赛福鼎

Saifuddin Azizi 赛福鼎, Uyghur revolutionary and Communist, Lt General of the PLA, Secretary General of the CPC Xinjiang Committee, Vice Chairman of the NPC & CPPCC. On his right is Xi Zhongxun, father of Xi […]


Aug 16, 1996 – Riot police raid campus of Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea

On this day in 1996, southern authorities violently stormed Yonsei University in Seoul against demonstrating students, beating and gassing thousands. Youth called for immediate abolition of the National Security Law, withdrawal of U.S. forces, and […]


Generation Brainwashed

Before I start this new article on my blog, I just want to say; that hearing something new is always beneficial to your thinking process because new ideas force us to challenge what we assume […]

Friedrich Engels

Sake of Engels, Around the Globe & India

Friedrich Engels; the whipping boy of the contemporary Left, the genesis of the “original sin” of Stalinism, the positivist vulgarizer of Marx’s work, and the mistaken ideologue who foolishly tried to apply Marx’s method to […]

People's Republic Of China

From“Hi” & “ওহে” to “你好”

And days go by, and I prepare my things, *ps mostly my valuables like laptop & phones, bank cards, and gadgets *, I’m beginning to realize that I’ve taken the decision to travel to new […]


An Acheivement in West Bengal

With far-reaching achievements in the fields of agriculture and industry to its credit, the Left Front completes 25 years of uninterrupted rule in West Bengal. ON June 21, 2002, the Left Front, led by the […]


The Tiananmen Square Incident; a threat of counterrevolution.

The following article is reprinted from the Winter 2008 edition of Socialism and Liberation: “China: Revolution and Couterrevolution” For partisans of socialism—and especially for those who want to defend the efforts of those trying to […]