People's Republic Of China

From“Hi” & “ওহে” to “你好”

And days go by, and I prepare my things, *ps mostly my valuables like laptop & phones, bank cards, and gadgets *, I’m beginning to realize that I’ve taken the decision to travel to new lands for a whole new and different experience.

“Welcome to China” I am going to be officially 3,342 km * or 2,076 miles if you still are stuck with that measuring scale*, well anyways.. away from anything I have known. In a new country, a new culture, and a new language. Inside of me, there was a mixture, of excitement and terrifying emotions, but there was no turning back. I knew whatever would come I knew my new home would be overall an adventure and I’m really excited to experience it.

I was able to learn a lot from my past experiences about progress in China and also internationally. It was incredible learning how China’s business relations are important and how it works with different countries and companies. I was able to experience in person Multinational Corporations (MNC). For this past century, we have increased connectivity more than any era before not only in business but politics, negotiation, social media, art, and other essential ways.

I’m looking forward to Interacting with students around the world and from China, with professors, and local individuals in the country showed me despite the differences we may all have at the end of the day we are all humans and how connected we are. Building friendships and relationships with people of a different culture and language have opened my mind in the past, and I know that we have to stay together to have an impact on global issues.

This journey will surely be a growth path, an adventure of a lifetime and one of the highlights of my college life. This opportunity will for sure exposed me to a different part of the world, and this exposure shall challenge me to know more about the world. A Chinese proverb says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

– Patangal Basak, student Bohai University- Jinzhou, China Spring 2020

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