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Gaokao – 普通高等学校招生全国统一考试

Good morning, and wouldn’t you guess it, it’s the UN’s World Food Safety Day since 2019! Norway celebrates either Union Dissolution Day, or Independence Day from its union with Sweden which existed since 1814, and was dissolved on this day in 1905 by Norway’s parliament, and the Danes still celebrate Prince Joachim’s Birthday like it’s the middle ages. In Malta it is Sette Giugno – seventh of June – or Martyrs’ Day which commemorates the events of 1919 when, following a series of riots by the Maltese population, British troops fired into a crowd, killing four. This led to increased resistance to the colonial government and British presence altogether on the island. Happy Flag Day to my friends in Peru, remembering the 1880 battle of Cape Arica and its defenders during the War in the Pacific.

Gaokao – 普通高等学校招生全国统一考试

In Russia it is Crowdfunding Day, and the Day of Financial and Economic Workers in Kyrgyzstan. On this day in 1732, the first brick to form the Winter Palace was laid in Petrograd, built for Empress Anna Ionnovna, and a few decades later in 1776 all English colonies in America – except for New York – voted to become independent. Early in the last century, on 7 June 1903 the French Pierre, and Marie Curie – in Berlin – jointly announced the discovery of a new element, called Polonium, named after Marie’s native land, Poland. On this day in 1929 the Vatican State was formed in accordance with the Lateran treaty, and after the war, on this day in 1948 Edvard Beneš resigned and the country entered a prosperous era under the red banner.

Finally some stunningly recent history, a mere 62 years ago today in Saudi Arabia women were first allowed to receive an education, and today in 1965 the Sony Corporation launched the first home VCR ( Video Cassette Recorder ) the CV-2000 at the price of $995.

There was much more in Vladimir Vladimirovich’s extraordinary – football shattering – interview yesterday than I managed to cover, including honest, data-backed explanations for the economic crisis we now face in the collective West, and unsurprisingly the explanation far predates February 24 2022. It began with the massive money-printing scheme with which the US responded to the Pandemia and the shortage and supply chain issues it caused. If you look at any chart of the cost of any commodity, you can confirm the veracity of his statement.

The Bobblehead did two amazing things yesterday. He declared a United States Energy Emergency on the one hand, citing the nation’s ability to provide sufficient energy being under threat – and subsidized import of solar cells and modules from China – and he also tweeted out that due to his economic and waxxination plans “America has achieved the most robust recovery in modern history”. A tweet certainly worth framing, under sources today. Oh really? MSN has republished a handy-dandy list of Items you might not find in your grocery store ( from wheat to baby formula ) and who to blame, originally penned by the Taste of Home, and the Daily Wire warns of Rolling blackouts coming to the States this summer. This is in the most robustly recovered country in modern history, ladies and gentlemen!

Elensky the clown in Kiev is crying that nobody wants to play with him anymore. He is being pressured – by unnamed people, I wonder who they might be – into giving concessions to Moscow! Germany doesn’t trust him for “historic reasons”, coming to me via an RT clone, but originally from Der Spiegel. Because “it would mean that German tanks will once again be in Russia”, the article says. Even half of Olaf’s country – the historic DDR, or German Democratic Republic – clearly opposes the country’s Anti-Russian course, a new ARD-DeutschlandTrend poll has shown.

Moscow obviously doesn’t trust him, and now the Brits – Shashank Joshi, editor of the Economist – are angry at Ukraine for losing too much artillery because of poor maintenance. My own Foreign minister has backed Kövér’s comment about his mental health. Elensky in turn is “not ready” to deliver Ukrainian grain via Belarusian railway for reasons that he will not state. Who still trusts Elensky? Nobody, really. The dance is over for this man, he just hasn’t managed to catch up to the fact, and I don’t believe any Western Mansions are in his future. The best he can hope for – I say quippingly but with no pleasure – is being tossed around in prison like a saggy old canine chew toy.

Ned Price, US State Department spokesperson has claimed yesterday that Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro have made “sovereign decisions” – in no way ordered by the US and NATO – to close their airspace to Sergei – We Love Rov – Lavrov’s diplomatic flight to Belgrade, Serbia, exactly as Lavrov himself predicted in a short announcement I found broadcast earlier that very same day. For his own part, he is done with Western “Partners” for good, and I quote : “The main geopolitical lesson that we have learned is this: it is no longer possible to negotiate with Europe and to be certain that Europe will act on its words”.

I don’t want to burden this article with small, inconsequential moves, only to quickly mention that Japan, emboldened by her US daddy, has sanctioned a Russian Bank, and BoJo the British clown survives – for the moment – last night’s vote of.. I guess confidence. I was wondering who would replace him, the entire British political class being a showcase of incompetence, but that’s no longer necessary. Honestly, like Lavrov, I don’t much care for the Blob of Eurocrats, only that they, one day be held responsible for the ruin they have brought to Europe.

Meanwhile in China, Gaokao begins today during which a record 11.93 million young people will take the college entrance exams, across 330,000 general exam rooms all over the country. I wish them all great fortune, as they take their first steps towards realizing their dreams and becoming productive functionaries of their chosen profession. They are the future. The country has now completely turned against the US with regards to Ukraine, after witnessing what it has unleashed on Russia, and they are sending a clear united message to Latin America – talking about the Summit of the Americas which began yesterday, to which the US refused to invite the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua – You are no longer the Backyard of the United States!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. Have a lovely Tuesday morning, day or afternoon whatever sky looks down on you reading these lines.

Peace, Land and Bread


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